Body Fat Calculator

Based on your size, our body fat calculator will estimate your body fat percentage and determine if you have a healthy body fat percentage.  All you need to do is input your weight, height, and skinfold thickness from three locations (use a skinfold caliper). For more details and an example on how to measure body fat with this body fat calculator then follow the link to check out our related post. At the bottom of this page you can find links to the tools you need to perform these measurements.

Body Fat Calculator


Recommended Body Fat Percentages

The recommended body fat percentage for men is 8-14% and for women is 20-25%.

Body Fat Chart

The following chart shows the categories that various body fat percentages fall under.

Classification Women (% Fat) Men (% Fat)
Essential Fat 12-15% 2-5%
Athletes 16-20% 6-13%
Fitness 21-24% 14-17%
Acceptable 25-31% 18-25%
Obese 32%+ 25%+

Body Fat Calculator Measuring Devices

The following devices are used to figure out your body metrics and to input them into our body fat calculator. They are also of course needed to track your progress over time. If you would like to purchase one or more of these highly rated products then by clicking on the product you will be taken to Amazon to securely complete your order.

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