Four Great Benefits of Cardio Workouts

When it comes to healthy and beneficial forms of physical exercise, it has to be said that cardio workouts are ideal for so many reasons. cardio workoutsDespite this however, many people find themselves dreading the thought of going through another fat burning cardio workout and look for as many excuses as they can find as to why they should be allowed to skip their next cardio session. Many fat loss programs are based predominantly around cardiovascular activity, such as a hiit cardio workout, and we’ll get to more on that in just a few moments. If for you however, the idea of cardio isn’t very appealing, here’s a look at four of the main benefits of cardio workouts, which will hopefully help to change your mind and demonstrate the importance of regular cardiovascular activity.

It’s Great for Your Heart

The word cardio, is actually derived from the ancient Greek word of Kardia, which translated to heart. Needless to say then, this definitely serves as a clear indication as to just how beneficial cardio is to the heart. Remember, your heart is a muscle just like any other muscle, therefore it responds very favorably to certain exercises. Obviously you don’t have special machines or pieces of equipment for training your heart, instead, the exercise-related benefits to your heart, come in the form of cardiovascular activity. The stronger the heart becomes, generally speaking, the healthier it, and by default, you, become.

It’s Great for Burning Fat

The main reason why people all over the globe, bust their butts in the gym on a weekly basis, sweating profusely on treadmills, elliptical machines, and exercise bikes etc, is down to the fact that cardio has proven to be incredibly beneficial for burning stubborn body fat. When we exercise, the body requires additional energy to get us through the workout, and the higher our heart rate is, the more energy it requires. It generates this energy by taking stored body fat and converting it into glucose to fuel our workouts. Obviously, the more fat we burn, the leaner we become.

Cardio Increases Your Metabolism

Another great benefit of cardio is the fact that it has been proven, countless times, to have the ability to greatly enhance a person’s metabolism. You see, not only does cardio increase your heart rate, it also enhances other processes within the body, all of which require some form of energy or another. These collective processes are known as your metabolism, and, in order for them to be performed, calories and stored body fat, will be taken and converted into energy. So, not only will you burn fat quicker, you will also have more energy as a result, which will make your cardio sessions even more productive.

Cardio Is Great for Mental Health and Well-Being

Finally, the last reason why you may want to consider incorporating more cardio into your weekly training routine, is the fact that it helps to alter your hormonal profile within your body, helping the body to produce and secrete more beneficial hormones such as serotonin or endorphins, also known as happy chemicals. Serotonin helps us to rest and relax when we try to, and promotes a good night’s sleep, whereas endorphins boost our mood and our self confidence levels. Put simply, cardio puts us in a much better mood, and can help fight conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

Cardio workouts are used for a variety of reasons from weight loss, lean muscle growth, improved agility, etc. Cardio workouts can also be fun, up-beat, and intense therefore you want to determine what you are looking for from a workout. Then take your time to browse the below options and you’ll discover which one best suits your needs.

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