Fitness at Home

Working out at the gym can be tough from time to time, especially if you find yourself trying to get a workout in during a busy peak period. Having to constantly queue for machines and pieces of equipment, and then constantly being hassled and asked “how many sets do you have left”? can be a real pain in the butt, which is just one of the reasons why more and more people are choosing to do their fitness at home.

fitness at home

On top of this, there are the economical factors to consider, because let’s face it, a home gym is going to work out much cheaper in the long run, and will quickly pay for itself. You may wish to go one step further and actually make your own fitness equipment and accessories, which is fine, providing you have the skills and the materials required. If not however, knowing which fitness equipment to buy, where to put it, and finding the best tools and equipment for the task at hand, can be very tricky. Luckily, we’ve compiled this handy guide to help get you started.

Find a Dedicated Workout Space

First and foremost, if you’re truly serious about building a home gym, you are going to have to find somewhere for all of your equipment and/or machines to go. Your best bet is to find a spare room, or clear your garage out and use that space instead. Make sure you run this idea passed your partner/family/roommates before you make any changes however, otherwise you could find yourself in pretty hot water!

Find the Right Equipment

Up next, you need to know which fitness equipment to buy and use to deck out your gym. Begin with simple necessities such as dumbbells, a barbell, extra weight plates, mats, a stability ball, and an adjustable bench, and then find out how much other room you have.

Don’t Forget the Cardio

Although most of us don’t really enjoy cardio, it is never the less, a vital part of any health and fitness lifestyle, and therefore your home gym must have at least one piece of cardio equipment. For this, you should probably go with a treadmill, an exercise bike, or an elliptical machine, as they are the kinds of machines you will be most used to as they are frequently used in gyms all across the globe.

Music to Set the Tone

Finally, no gym, home or commercial, would be complete without jams to get in the zone. And if you don’t possess a set of headphones or a bluetooth speaker (which are in our Fitness Accessories section), you may wish to change this. Of course you can kick it old-school with a CD player or stereo too. Be sure to create some playlists that you know are guaranteed to get you fired up and motivated to workout.

Equipment for Fitness at Home

Whatever you are into whether it’s weightlifting, High-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, and so on, there’s nothing like having the best fitness equipment to help you reach your goals. Below you will find some of the products that we have in our Shop fitness equipment section so if you want more options head on over to fitness equipment

Checkout our handy exercise equipment and best fitness accessories section for the tools to take your results to the next level.