Handy Muscle Building Workouts

If you’ve ever tried muscle building workouts , or even if you follow a bodybuilding lifestyle and dedicate much of your free time to your sport/hobby, you certainly won’t need anybody to tell you just how difficult it can be to build muscle and get in shape. Muscle Building Workouts Quality muscle gaining is not quick and easy. In order to bulk up and gain muscle, you need to know what you’re doing inside and outside of the gym. If you’ve reached a natural plateau and are looking for new ways of shocking your body into new growth, here are helpful muscle building workouts tips for you to try and incorporate into your training regimes.

Switch Up Your Training

If you’ve been training for several weeks, following the same workouts and exercises week in and week out, and have noticed yourself failing to make any progress or gains for quite a while, you may want to consider switching up your training and trying something new. If last time you started with low weight/high reps and worked your way up to higher weight every set, then next time you might want to try starting with a high weight/low reps and working your way down to lower weight/higher reps. If you started with back and bi exercises last time (for example pull-ups) and worked your way into bicep exercises (like curls) then you can try starting with biceps (curls) and transition to pull ups. Whatever you do, the idea here is to always keep your body guessing so that it responds to the training stimulus with muscle growth.

Go Back to the Basics

It doesn’t matter whether you have access to the most high-tech and sophisticated gym in the world, decked out with the best equipment possible, if your form is wrong you will sacrifice results and worse; increase your chance of injury. There are many people out there with phenomenal physiques, without equipment or gym memberships, because they properly and effectively make do with what they have. Even if you can’t afford a gym membership, or if you can’t find the time to travel there, you can still get in a fantastic workout at home, by going back to the basics. If you can afford a set of dumbbells and an adjustable bench you will have the main tools at your disposal that you need to get in shape and build muscle. When training in the gym, forget about complex training protocols, instead, stick with the muscle building workouts and exercises that have been around for years and are considered the ‘meat and potatoes of the gym’. Compound exercises, free weight exercises, and bodyweight exercises are all great places to begin.

Train with a Buddy

Sometimes, training alone can get pretty boring or leave you feeling like something is missing. If your motivation and energy levels are at a low, you may wish to bring in a buddy so that the pair of you can train together. Training with a friend will give you somebody to speak to between sets. This will help you to motivate and encourage each other, learn from each other, and compete with in a healthy way. It is also safer to have a workout partner to help with spotting. There are many ways that having a friend to workout with will result in a better and more effective workout than you would have otherwise been able to achieve if you had been training alone. The best at-home exercise programs provides an energetic fitness expert, team and environment which makes it feel like you have a workout buddy beside you the whole time. Of course you can workout to these programs with any of your friends as well and make it a group event. So if you really want to feel camaraderie, energy and inspiration as you workout then try one of the muscle building workouts below.

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